Our values

Client satisfaction

Serving clients is the bedrock of our vocation and is essential to the durability and growth of Tiflex.


Personnel involvement

Our strength lies in our specialist teams and their determination always to “go the extra mile” to satisfy the client.



Technological innovation lies at the heart of the Tiflex strategy for growth. In meeting the requirements of different markets, our R & D groups design and propose innovative solutions in areas including information technology, chemistry, electronics and mechanics.


Sustainable development

Through its respect for the environment and a firm commitment to ISO 14001, Tiflex applies an approach based on sustainable development which is in perfect harmony with the family-based shareholding structure of the company.






« Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries. »



« An association of European manufacturers of screen and digital printing equipment and ink stamp products. »



« The GS1 organisation offers product manufacturers and distributors throughout the world a common language to facilitate the circulation of their products. This unique language is based on international communications standards which, used and understood by all players in the logistics chain, makes distribution channels more effective and more visible. The GS1 system of standards is the most widely-used in the world and forms a global business language. »