marking identification codage

HRP R32 two color printer

Direct inkjet printing on secondary packaging to ensure traceability. Network or standalone operation.

Performance and speed

Printing up to 200 m/min, on a height ranging from 50 to 200 mm.
Marking by side, top or inclined plane.


Marking of texts, alphanumeric characters, logos, GS1 128, ITF 14,2D codes (Datamatrix, QR codes) in 1 or 2 colours, on porous media.
HRP R32 is particularly suitable for marking CLP symbols in the context of chemical labelling regulations.

Target markets

Chemicals, food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, packaging industry.

Key points

  • Printing in 2 colours.
  • 100mm print height as a standard
  • Marking cost 30% lower than the paper label.
  • Improvement of the TRS of the production line: no line stoppages (replacement of the ink without stopping the printer,
    (1 maintenance per year), networking possible (remote commands, data logging, printer status,…)
  • Tiflex software solution, dedicated, open and global.

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