Amazonia elastic

Amazonia Elastic, water-based ink suitable on a wide variety of substrates, including elastic cotton fabrics (body, jersey). Designed for manual and automatic carousel printing. Remarkable for its excellent elasticity, offering very beautiful prints.


Technical data
  • Aspect: satin, shiny
  • Wash resistance: good at 40°C for black OP and white, good at 60°C for other shades
  • Ironing: on the reverse side of the pattern
  • Composition: without heavy metal salts,
  • Compliance: EN 71-3 standards, ROHS directive, REACH/CLP regulation


  • Screen:
    – 43-80 threads/cm to 77-55 for shades
    – 34-100 threads/cm to 43-80 for whites
  • Emulsions: 19T, 200T or 400ST TIFLEX
  • Squeegees: 65° shore for white, 75°-80° shore for shades


Direct printing
  • Preparation:
    Ready to use and miscible colors
    – Covering white has a residual tack that decreases with washing. It offers a higher open time than standard white.
  • Printing:
    In case of machine downtime, please leave the screen thickly covered
  • Drying:
    Either >
    – in forced air tunnel or IR tunnel with hot air circulation – 3 min at 160°C
    – in forced air tunnel or IR tunnel with hot air circulation – 2 min at 160°C with the addition of catalyst (5%)
    – cold dry at temperature with the addition of catalyst (5%)
    You must wait 5 days to obtain the optimal wash resistance
    Black OP and white inks must be dried in tunnel
  • Additives:
    – To dry at temperature or to reduce tunnel time: add 5% of 0564 catalyst. Use within 8 hours after mixing, at temperatures below 25°C ; you can renew the operation without altering the ink
    – To improve open time by reducing the viscosity: add 2 to 5% of retardant thinner
    – To improve open time while maintening the viscosity constant: add 2 to 5% of retardant gel
    – To increase ink deposit:  add 0.2 to 0.5% of thickener
    – For textiles with adhesion problems: add 10 to 20% of adhesion agent
  • Cleaning: water
  • Storage: 1 year in a dry and well-ventilated room, between 15 and 35°C
Réf 1 kg Réf 5 kg Réf 60 kg
White 35C2000 35C4000 35C7000
Covering white 35C2010 35C4010 35C7010
Opaque colors
Réf 1kg Réf 5kg
Lemon OP 35C2002OPE 35C4002OPE
Gold yellow OP 35C2004OPE 35C4004OPE
Orange OP 35C2006OPE 35C4006OPE
Red OP  35C2010OPE 35C4010OPE
Fuchsia OP 35C2015OPE 35C4015OPE
Purple OP 35C2016OPE 35C4016OPE
Reflex blue OP 35C2025OPE 35C4025OPE
Process blue OP 35C2027OPE 35C4027OPE
Bright green OP 35C2030OPE 35C4030OPE
Deep green OP 35C2034OPE 35C4034OPE
Black OP 35C2081OPE 35C4081OPE
Diluent thinner/retardant, 1 kg 35C2062
Retardant gel, 1 kg 35C2099
Thickener, 25 gr 35C0263
Catalyst, 100 gr 35A0564
Adherence agent, 1 kg 35C2089

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