Our values




For over 120 years, customer satisfaction, innovation, the commitment of our employees and our commitment to sustainable development have symbolised our values and are a core part of the Tiflex story.

Our teams express our values every day in all the different ways they work to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

Customer satisfaction:

Every day, our sales, Research & Development and Customer Service teams apply themselves to satisfying the most demanding requests to ensure your experience is the best possible.


So we can always meet our customers’ technical, organisational and environmental needs, we have created a Research & Development department that covers the mechanical, electronical, IT and chemical sectors of our business.

Our employees’ commitment:

At Tiflex, the employees are the company’s driving force – without them nothing would be possible. That is why throughout the year we do whatever we can to improve our teams’ commitment.

Sustainable development:

The challenges of sustainable development were for us a means to improve our customer relations by developing products that are more environmentally friendly, and also by adapting our printing technology to the requirements of our markets.