Tiflex, a Limited Company with capital of €1,537,500, operates in 4 market sectors.


Marking, Identification and Coding : Tiflex offers various systems to meet the requirements of industrial traceability, covering Very High Resolution inkjet, small and large characters, lasers and all methods involving contact.


Vehicle Registration and Identification : technological and industrial systems for vehicle registration, with products approved by the Ministry of Transport.


Digital Serigraphy and Printing: printing systems for textiles, communications and industry. Tiflex adapts its products to take account of substrates, inks and technologies, based on intimate knowledge of screen printing, inkjet technology, and software for processing images and colours.


Paper: a wide range if ink stamps and stationery products.


Tiflex markets its products in France and more than 80 other countries spread over 5 continents, through a network of specialised distributors.


The skill of Tiflex in implementing different technologies (injection, extrusion, chemical, mechanical and electromechanical fabrication, etc.) produces comprehensive solutions to client problems.


A Research & Development Centre employing more than 25 engineers and technicians specialising in chemistry, mechanics and information technology, is the concrete result of a commitment to innovation.


The Tiflex headquarters and production facilities are located in the Rhône-Alpes Region, a crossroads in Europe.

Tiflex has ISO 9001 (2008 version), ISO 14001 (2004 version) and OHSAS 18001 (2007 version) Certification covering the whole of its production activity.