marking identification codage

TC pneumatic reciprocating coder

Simple and robust, the TC pneumatic encoders allow marking on all types of supports, they will provide you with precision marking thanks to precise settings of the object contact and the ink contact.

Performance and speed

Up to 150 prints per minute.
Pneumatic or electric trigger.
Marking on top, bottom or side.
Also works in manual workbench station from below.


Texts, coding, dating, graphics, logos and part identification.
For porous and non-porous substrates.

Target markets

Food processing, automotive industry, packaging.

Key points

  • Small footprint for better integration.
  • Quick and easy change of characters and snapshots Autoclips.
  • Secure cartridge system (avoids ink drying and evaporation).
  • Interchangeable composter very quickly to prepare future markings in advance.
  • Economical and reliable solution.
  • Automatic or semi-automatic version.

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