marking identification codage

RC and SMAC rotative coders

RC and SMAC encoders are manual rotary markers. The RC are intended for marking wooden boxes or crates, SMAC for all types of marking.

Performance and speed

Marking on top, bottom or vertical.
Works with plastic-ink roller (RC) or individual cartridge (SMAC).


Texts, coding, graphics and logos.
For porous (RC/SMAC) and non-porous (SMAC) substrates.

Target markets

Industry (metallurgy, textiles, packaging, wood, extrusion…).

Key points

  • Easy to use and adjust.
  • Quick and easy change of characters and snapshots Autoclips.
  • Inking by plastic-inks or ink cartridge.
  • Economical and reliable solution.
  • Indexation device (RC).
  • Wide range of inks available (SMAC).

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