marking identification codage

T-Jet Plus printer

For marking on porous and non-porous substrates.
The T-Jet Plus range consists of 4 models: 7,12,17 or 25 nozzles.

Performance and speed

Printing height from 9 to 80 mm.
Print speed up to 300 m/min.


Marking of texts, alphanumeric characters, basic logos on porous or non-porous media.

Target markets

Food processing, logistics, packaging and construction industries.

Key points

  • Reliability in harsh environments.
  • Tilting head: lowers the marking height by tightening points.
  • Cleanliness: integrated automatic purge that facilitates maintenance and ensures cleanliness of the print head.
  • Fast integration on the production line.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface.
  • Network connection: RS-232 serial link, USB port, Ethernet.
  • Wide variety of inks for all susbstrates.

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