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Ockham 4.0 software solution

Comprehensive and open traceability software solution: the design by software bricks of our Ockham 4.0 system allows a multitude of customizable applications according to your needs.

Central supervision

Ockham 4.0 will allow you to link your ERP, your server and the printers on your production sites. When a production order is released by your ERP, Ockham will automatically translate that order and send it to the relevant printers. Ockham will also make an history of the different exchanges that will have taken place between your printers and your server.

On-site supervision

Our software solution also allows you to control your printers through a monitoring station installed on the production site. This position allows you to perform the same tasks (creation of messages, FO release, historization,…) as from a central supervision.

From a printer on the production line*

If necessary, an operator can start the production manually from a printer or with a the “hand shower” scanner type. Thanks to this, you can continue to produce in case of operating hazards on the network.
*Access to the printer is password locked

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