marking identification codage

Inks and consumables

Our more than one hundred years of expertise in industrial marking allows us to design and manufacture inks that are recognized on the market for their quality and reliability. Our dedicated research and development team is heavily involved in the continuous improvement of our consumables and in the design of new, increasingly efficient formulations. We comply with the regulations of each market and pay particular attention to the environment.

Performance and reliability

Combined with our printers, our wide range of consumables allows the marking of all types of primary or secondary packaging, but also industrial products or foodstuffs. Our development teams are in regular contact with you to ensure a reliable and efficient pre or after-sales service.

Quality & Safety

Tiflex is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our consumables are clearly labelled and validated for safe use. In addition, Tiflex regularly develops new environmentally friendly inks for its users. 

Diversity of applications

Tiflex inks can print porous or non-porous substrates (plastic, metal, paper/cardboard, glass,…). They are available in a wide variety of standard or custom colours on request. Tiflex also offers food grade inks,  UV visible inks, anti-counterfeiting inks and thermochromic inks. It is always possible to find the right ink for your application.

Research & Development

Our development team works closely with our customers and our network of technology partners, universities and test centers to provide innovative solutions at a controlled cost.

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