marking identification codage

Hitachi UX-D Standard printer

Hitachi UX-D small character inkjet printer

Direct inkjet printing on primary packaging to ensure traceability. Network mode or standalone operation.

Performance and cadence

Printing speed up to 2563 character/second (option), up to 6 lines of text with a single print head, additive consumption 2 ml/hour with premium model.


Marking of texts, alphanumeric characters, logos, bar codes, 2D codes (Datamatrix, QR codes), on porous and non-porous supports.

Markets of destination

Food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industry.

Key points

  • Our new 10.4″ colour touch interface offers simple and direct navigation. Icons indicate the ink level or the replacement of consumables.
  • With our secure cartridge system, errors are no longer possible, no risk of printing with the wrong ink, nor installing the wrong reference. The new cartridges can be easily replaced without stopping printing, thus avoiding line stops.
  • Using Hitachi’s new patented technology, the Premium model incorporates the Fluid Consumption Reduction System designed to significantly reduce operating costs. This system allows UX to obtain the lowest additive consumption on the market.
  • The new ergonomic print head is ideal for printing on milk or juice cartons. Our new printing technology allows the marking of 6 lines of text as standard, with a single head.

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