marking identification codage

Stencil marking

Quick and easy markings

Stencil marking consists in depositing ink through a perforated support.
It makes it possible to create homogeneous symbols quickly and easily.
This type of marking is used for shipping (international wooden crates), product traceability, signage (information signs), floor marking (arrow, car park, bicycle lane) etc…..


Custom stencils

They generally represent texts, numbers, logos, symbols relating to the handling of goods, etc….
We produce custom-made stencils in different materials and sizes.
Dural stencils are equipped with fixed and variable parts, handles and can be concave or convex.


Inking means

The ink is applied by roller, brush or spray with the following products:

  • Foam inking roller.
  • RER (Roller Ink Tank).
  • Stencil brush.
  • XG 700 ink.
  • New 2 nozzles 600ml spray stencil ink.
  • Aerofix: aerosol adhesive product.


Cutting equipment

Contour (digital cutting of stencils).

Make your own stencils easily.
This set includes a digital cutting machine available in a maximum cutting width of 603 mm, lettering software, stencil-specific fonts and self-adhesive polyester or PVC cutting substrate.


Manual stencil machine

It cuts the paraffin cartons after composition of the text by assembling metal dies.

We offer a wide range of standard dies:

  • Police (2 latins).
  • Choice of character height (from 10 to 100 mm).
  • Choice of the composition of the box (111 characters, 79 characters, 2 sets of numbers, separate characters, symbols relating to the box goods handling).


We also offer custom mould manufacturing.

Also available from our range