marking identification codage

Hitachi UX-P Pigment printer

The UX-P printer has been designed for high contrast marking on dark surfaces using pigment inks. This is particularly suitable for marking automotive parts, cables, plastic tubes or electronic components.

Performance and cadence

Printing up to 2083 characters/second, up to 6 lines of text, IP65 protection, range of dedicated inks.


High contrast text markings, logos, datamatrix codes, QR codes, bar codes on dark materials.

Markets of destination

Automotive, cables, extrusion, electronic components

Key points

  • Maximum contrast for marking on dark surfaces.
  • Very good adhesion to substrates such as polypropylene, polyurethanes, acrylonitrile or styrene.
  • Possibility to print texts of minimum size on uneven or curved surfaces.
  • Resistant to abrasion, friction and external chemical agents.
  • The electric agitator prevents sedimentation of the pigments in the tank.

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