marking identification codage

HRP Etiq hybrid printer

Direct inkjet printing on secondary packaging combined with label printing/installation to provide A or B grade barcode. Network or standalone operation.

Performance and speed

Printing up to 60 m/min or one label per second at a height of 34 to 100 mm.


Marking of text, alphanumeric characters, logos, GS1 128, ITF 14,2D codes (Datamatrix, QR codes) on porous media.

Target markets

Food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, packaging industry.

Key points

  • Hybrid solution: 3 printing options, label + direct printing, 100% label or 100% direct printing.
  • Improvement of the TRS of the production line: no line stoppages (replacement of the ink without stopping the printer, 1 maintenance per year), networking possible (remote commands, data logging, printer status,…).
  • Tiflex software solution, dedicated, open and global.

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