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Cleaning solvents

Tiflex markets an entire range of cleaning solvents, more or less volatile. These solvents dry very quickly, have a high load capacity and are very effective, each in their respective area of solubility.
Nonetheless, for questions of toxicity, safety, regulations, or out of respect for the environment, many of our clients ask for “cleaner” solvents.

To answer these concerns, Tiflex has formulated a range of five cleaning solvents. These NS solvents are in addition to our range of traditional solvents, but each has its own characteristics and they are not interchangeable. The right one must be chosen in accordance with the client’s priorities. The technical notice for each of our inks offers the references for the range of solvents that are best adapted.
Tiflex also markets a number of thinners with precise specifications. The technical notice for each of our inks also offers a selection of thinners.