silk screen

Miscellaneous products

Miscellaneous supplies for ink preparation

  • 1 l empty potsmade from black polyethylene (with covers)
  • 5 l empty buckets black (with covers)
  • Mixing cups (with covers) made from transparent prolypropylene
  • Wooden sticks suitable for the mixing cups
  • Mixing knives, stainless steel blade
  • 8 kg ink weight scale precision 0,1
  • Pantone® colour chart (1341 hues)

Miscellaneous printing supplies

  • Stainless steel spatulas have rounded corners (100 mm/140 mm)
  • Stop-sec (freon free), drying inhibitor, 500 ml aerosol spray
  • Aerofix S, adhesive especially designed to hold the fabrics while printing, 600 ml aerosol spray
  • Adhesive Tape roll for pallett, dimensions 610 mm x 100 m. Work as well as a protective tape for pallett. Water base liquid or spray adhesive can be applied on the tape to stick the fabric on the pallett.
  • Takter 1, water based adhesive to fix fabric on the printing board
  • Takter 4000, Solvent based spray adhesive (600 ml) used to hold the fabric on the pallet. High resistance to flashcure. Can be applied for embroidery.
  • Water based glue 0381 applied with foam roll or brush on pallet
  • Adhesive for palette
  • Pneumatic gun for adhesive
  • PVC shims for feeding to make the position of the printed sheets easier (0,4 mm/1 mm)
  • Temperature indicators (from 138 to 188°C)

Miscellaneous cleaning supplies

  • Clean cloths (10 kg bags)
  • Cellulose wadding (35 x 26 cm)
  • Humidifier can (1,9 l)

Miscellaneous hygiene supplies

  • Protective gloves, against solvents (the pair)
  • Disposable latex gloves (boxes of 100 gloves)
  • Performance gel (5 l bottles)

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