silk screen

Roller squeegee
Double stroke squeegees

For better results for screen printing that required a white undercoat Tiflex presents a range of doctor blades, flood bars and accessories.

The roller scraper is used with a screen that an adhesive Teflon sheet will be applied to. A free workstation on the Carrousel, located just after the scanning station, is required to use it.
After scanning, too often one sees fibres lifting up. The rolling and pressure on the printed pattern enable the fibres to enter the ink and thus there is perfect surface flatness. It is the ideal solution for obtaining an excellent-quality final print. You should be careful not to completely dry the ink under the Flash.
Each roller scraper is delivered with an adhesive Teflon sheet.

Double-bladed scrapers
These are for applying a thick undercoat of ink through a fine mesh. They improve the state of the surface and the opacity, reducing the fibrillation.

Finned flood bars
Finned flood bars keep the ink on the inside part of the screen and therefore limit production stoppages.

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