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A large number of moulded parts are made of polypropylene in automobile manufacturing, including the bumpers, dashboards, cabin cladding and the petrol and brake-fluid tanks. Polypropylene is often used for food packaging due to its resistance to grease (e.g. : butter containers) and is shininess (flasks, stoppers, food containers…). It is also used to make furniture fabrics, disposable work clothing (paint suits, caps, surgical masks, etc.), high-resistance woven bags, geotextiles and geomembranes; polypropylene is also found in the form of fibres in synthetic strings and rugs.

Compatible inks

Tiflex recommends its series of Urethal solvent-based inks for its very good lightfastness and its compatibility with Pantone® as well as the following series of solvent inks: Epoxy EV, PolytiflexPropylux and Akilor.

Tiflex also offers UV-drying inks, the series UViprim FL for its very high reactivity to polymerisation and its compatibility with Pantone®.


We recommend conducting confirmation tests under workshop conditions.

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