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UViprim FL

UViprim FL, ink with UV drying dedicated to printings on rigid or semi-rigid bottles of flamed polyethylene or polypropylene.Ink with UV drying dedicated to printings on rigid or semi-rigid bottles of flamed polyethylene or polypropylene.Excellent stability of the ink in the screen with a high reactivity during the curing process.NVP FREE.


Substrate treatment

UViprim FL is formulated to print on PE and PP used in the bottle industry. The surface tension is very low, it is necesarry to flame the substrate before printing (minimum 42mN/m). The surface to be printed needs to be clean without grease particles.



UViprim FL is a highly-reactive single-component ink. Under a lamp of 160 – 200 W/cm, the ink cures at a rate of between 2500 and 4000 units per hour.
The tape resistance test should only be performed after the complet cooling of the bottle at ambient temperature.
The overlaying of colours must be done in line on multi-colour printing machine.
Adding 5% of hardener (representing 5% of the ink weigh) improves water resistance and solvents resistance, as well as encouraging a better adherence to difficult substrates. The effectiveness of the hardener can be observed 24 hours after printing.
The combination of the ink and the hardener mixture stable for 8 hours.
The speed of curing depends on numbers of parameters, including the thickness deposited and the opacity, colour and nature of the substrate.
Due to the various printing configurations, testing is essential before each new printing run.
The mesh required will be from 140 to 180 threads/cm.
UViprim FL inks are ready to use. If the viscosity nevertheless needs to be reduced.



  • Glossy: finish
  • Average density: 1,2
  • Viscosity: 10 Pa.s – rheology suitable for high printing speeds
  • Covering power: 80 m²/kg with a 165 – 34 fabric
  • Resistance to light: very good
  • Diluents and cleaning solvents
    – Diluents (maxi 5%): 31965* or 31970NG
    – Solvents: 2881, 2891 and NS-91


Pantone® colour matching

All the UViprim FL inks, marked with an asterisk *, can be colour matched according to the Pantone® colour guide through the online Colour Matching System developped by Tiflex.


Standard colours
Ref. 1 kg
Thinner base * 3762085
Lemon * 3762002
Gold yellow * 3762004
Orange * 3762006
Scarlet * 3762007
Cherry red * 3762008
Cyclamen * 3762014
Purple/Violet * 3762016
Process blue * 3762027
Reflex blue * 3762025
Emerald green * 3762033
Black * 3762044
Ref. 1 kg
Opaque white AR 3762090
Opaque white 3762080
Opaque black 3762081
Ref. 1 kg
Thinner base* 3762066
Photoinitiator, per 100 g 38C0595
Powder thickener, per 250 g 3761295
Catalyst, 1 litre tin 3822090

The recommendations for use provided are based on our current knowledge, are given for instructive purposes and are entirely objective. However, as your conditions of use are out of our control, this information would not imply any guarantee on our part. They do not exempt you from carrying out prior tests in order to determine the compatibility of our inks with your printing media within your application conditions. Our responsibility, if it were to be employed, would be limited to the market value of the products that we delivered to you and that you use.

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