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Polyethylene is a commonly-used synthetic polymer. It is in particular used in about half of all plastic packaging. Polyethylene comes in three distinct families: HDPE polyethylene (high density), LDPE polyethylene (low density) and LLDPE polyethylene (linear low density). The most visible use of HDPE polyethylene is in bags, films, pouches… LLDPE polyethylene is associated with the production of cling film. The main applications of LDPE polyethylene are in rigid vials, bottles, boxes, containers…


Compatible inks

Polyethylene can be screen printed. To do so, Tiflex recommends its solvent series, Urethal (excellent resistance to chemicals and compatibility with Pantone®) and its series of UV-drying inks UViprim FL (very high reactivity to polymerisation and compatibility with Pantone®). Other series are also compatible with polyethylene: Epoxy EV and Polytiflex.

We recommend conducting confirmation tests under workshop conditions.

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