silk screen

Frames and screens

In order to answer any requirement, we offer bare frames, pre-sensitised, finished screens, wood or metal products in all shapes and sizes.

Using your files (PC compatible on formats AI, EPS, PDF and BMP high-definition or DXF), we can enlarge, reduce, multiply, inverse, copy, select colours, retouch, etc. For large formats we do the artwork on film.

  • Bare frames: in aluminium and in wood (on request, we manufacture any shape, section and size).
  • Pre-stretched screens: in aluminium and in wood. Our stretching department manufactures the above mentionned frames straight or edge stretched with a complete range of meshes from 18 up to 200 mesh/cm in Nylon® or polyester, white, or coloured.
  • Finished screens: in aluminium and in wood. According to the prints, we expose our screens either coated with our emulsions or mounted with our films. The finished screens, reinforced and protected with adhesive tapes are supplied ready to use. We manufacture the screens and typo in compliance with your documents or with positives realized by us.
  • Special screens: we can manufacture special frames in the most various shapes: curved, round, excentered, tubular… and with different sections: metal corners, reinforcing, grooves, separations…
  • Custom works: our production studio, which is equipped with CAD workstation, handles the drafting and implementation of the most complex artwork.

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