silk screen


Glass is one of the oldest products made by human. Its extraordinary chemical and mechanical resistance combined with its unequalled transparency and beauty continue to fascinate. Glass is used in various forms: flat glass in mirrors and housing, functional tinted glass in automobiles and IT, perfume vials, bottles, glassware, borosilicate glass in pharmaceuticals and technical use…

Compatible inks

Glass can be screen printed. Tiflex offers Epoxy EV and Siccative EV solvent inks and UViprim GL and UViprim GL-BC UV-drying inks.

  • 2-component Epoxy EV ink is characterised by remarkable adherence but is not suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Siccative EV glycerophtalic ink
  • UViprim GL, mono-component ink based on dual-cure technology (UV drying + hot air curing), for high-speed printing
  • UViprim GL-BC, bi-component ink for high-speed printing of packaging glass and glassware.


We recommend conducting confirmation tests under workshop conditions.

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