silk screen

Plastic containers / Plastic crates

Market needs

All packaging must first and foremost contain, protect and enable handling of the product. It has nonetheless become an excellent marketing tool, used to set the product apart, and to promote both the product and the brand.


Vials, whether with glass or plastic, essentially concerns the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors. The aesthetic expectations are high: the screen print must promote the logo and the product.

Boxes are used widely in the drinks sector: wooden crates for bottles of wine and spirits or plastic boxes for non-alcoholic drinks. The logo printed on the box must be especially resistant.

Packaging is less exclusive and concerns a wide range of areas: boxes of cosmetics, cheese, etc.

Tiflex has developed inks to meet each of these needs.

Compatible inks by material

PET Polyethylene Terephtalate
PP untreated Polypropylene
HDPE high density polyethylene treated
Lacquered glass
Flexible PVC
We recommend conducting confirmation tests under workshop conditions.

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