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Polystyrene / Acrylic resin-coated PVC

Polystyrene is better known to the public in its expanded polystyrene version. This material, which is very commonly used in packaging, is just one of the appearances of this plastic. We use the non-expanded, dense, rigid, transparent and thin versions. The most common forms are “crystal” with the addition of “shock” plasticiser.

Compatible inks

The “crystal” and “shock” forms are used in office items, rulers, food containers, etc. Polystyrene can be screen-printed with solvent-based inks from the Selectacryl series (excellent lightfastness and compatibility with Pantone®) and the UV-drying inks from the UViprim PS series. There is also the series of Plaxolor solvent-based inks.


We recommend conducting confirmation tests under workshop conditions.

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