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ABS is the noble material in plastic thermoforming, used for a large number of industrial applications. ABS can be welded, glued and decorated (paint, silk-screen printing, sublimation).

Due to the good appearance of its surface, its dimensional stability and suitability for decoration, ABS is often used for shielding applications in sectors such as household appliances, telephones, IT equipment and toys. A few example applications: the front surface of household appliances, rigid cases, pens, clock faces, toys, car parts, furniture…


Compatible inks

The Tiflex ink most often used for screen printing on ABS is the Vinyflex solvent ink, a multi-purpose ink compatible with Pantone®. Other series of solvent inks are also used: Cellulosique STJ, Plastic Fluo, Plaxolor, SelectacrylUrethal, Glossy Vinyl and Mat Vinyl.

Tiflex also offers a UV cross-linking ink, UViprim PS, compatible with Pantone®.

We recommend conducting confirmation tests under workshop conditions.

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