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Self-adhesive PVC

Self-adhesive PVC is frequently used in the manufacture of interior and exterior signage. Self-adhesive PVC is used to decorate vehicles, window displays, various objects and more and more dwellings. Its use in screen printing ensures a deposit of a significant amount of ink and, as a result, stunning colours, good resistance to light and bad weather.

Compatible inks

Tiflex offers a large number of self-adhesive PVC compatible inks. For example the most commonly-used series of solvent inks:

  • Polycolor three ranges available: Coloriflex system (compatible with Pantone®), OP range and quadri colours
  • Urethal excellent resistance to chemicals and compatible with Pantone®
  • Vinyflex very multi-purpose ink and compatible with Pantone®

And also the series Plastic Fluo, Plaxolor, Selectacryl, Anti-fouling Varnish, Mat Vinyl and Glossy Vinyl.

Tiflex also offers a series of UV-drying inks: UViprim VY.


We recommend conducting confirmation tests under workshop conditions.

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