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Anti-fouling varnish

2-component cleanable protective varnish resistant to water-based and alcohol-based felt tip pens and Velleda® felt tip pens (CONTÉ). It is applied as overprinting on MAT VINYL inks only or on non acrylic resin coated PVC.

The Anti-fouling varnish is applied only on Mat vinyl inks used in the manufacture of labels, of panels, time tables on PVC.
At this stage, the mixture can be used for 8 hours at 20°C.
Then be sure the substrate remain completely dry.


  • Appearance: high glossy
  • Average density: 1.05
  • Drying:
  • Dry stackable: 24 h at 20°C minimum
  • Polymeriaation: 72 h at 20°C minimum
  • Pot life: > 8 h at 20°C
  • Coverage rate: 40 m²/l with a 90-48 mesh
  • Diluents and Cleaning solvents:
    – Thinner: 4905
    – Gun: XC 876
    – Manual: 2881, 2891, NS-81, NS-91, NS-99 and NS-100
    -Washer: 2881, 2899, NS-81, NS-91, NS-99 and NS-100
  • Expiry date: refer to the label
Ref. 1 litre
Anti-fouling varnish 3352098

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