Hydrocolor NG and silver paste, water-based ink for direct printing
Hydrocolor NG fluo, water-based ink for direct printing
Discharge ink with or without pigment concentrate
marquage identification codage

Water inks

Among the acknowledged advantages of water-based silk-screen printing inks, we can cite the absence of toxic solvents, improved safety and operator working conditions (cleaning the screens with water), as well as less environmental pollution (lower emission of volatile organic compounds).
These silk-screen printing inks are characterised by being soft to the touch, to the point of being virtually impossible to detect.
Tiflex water-based inks are marketed ready to use (Hydrocolor NG), or in the form of a base and white to which the operator adds pigment concentrate (Aquatrans, Discharge Ink). They are printed either directly (Hydrocolor NG, Discharge Ink) or by transfer (Aquatrans).
They are applied to cotton, a cotton/polyester mix and polyester. Optimal resistance for washing is obtained through oven drying (150°C– 160°C for 2-3 mins) or by adding the cold drying additive.