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Discharge ink

Water based ink composed of a base (coloured or not) and an additive.

Discharge ink (base + additive) removes the back dye of a cotton fabric. The addition of a pigment concentrate to this preparation allows to replace the initial dying by a new one.
Acting as a decoloration/dying process, the printed areas has no touch and does not require a underlayer of white on dark fabrics.

CAUTION: only some textile back dyes can be removed with discharge inks. So please check with the fabric manufacturer if the fabric could match with the Discharge ink (we strongly advise you to perform some tests).

Preparation of the colours

Mix: 2% to 5% pigment concentrate to 98-95% base. The colour preparation has to be done prior to the addition of additive.

Before use, the additive must be mixed with the base or with the coloured base and pigment or with white colour in the following proportions:

  • On clear substrates: base or white or coloured base 850g, additive: 50g
  • On dark substrates: base or white or coloured base 850g, additive: 100g

The additive must be perfectly mixed with the base or colours.

After printing, the fabrics must not be stored for more than 2 hours at ambient temperature to ensure that the active product does not penetrate more into the fabric and does not bleach a larger area more than expected.

Drying: 2mn at 160°C.


  • Thinner: it will need to be diluted, if necessary, with maximum 5% of water.
  • Cleaning the screens: water
  • Screen: 36 to 77 threads/cm
  • Emulsion: 200T (resistant to water based inks).
  • Water based acrylic base, pH: 8-9
  • Ionic character: anionic/non ionic
  • Pot life: 8 hours after adding the additive
  • Shelf life: refer to the label
Standard colours
Ref 1 l
White, 4,250 kg 3754000
Lemon 3522002
Yellow 3522004
Orange 3522006
Cherry red 3522008
Rubis red 3522012
Fuchsia 3522015
Purple/Violet 3522016
Primary blue 3522020
Mint green 3522035
Black 3522044
Base, 4,250 kg 3754058
Additive, 250 gr * 3751264

* Ref. 3751264 : Germ cell mutagenicity, Category 2, long-Term Aquatic Hazard- Chronic Hazard, Category 3

The recommendations for use provided are based on our current knowledge, are given for instructive purposes and are entirely objective. However, as your conditions of use are out of our control, this information would not imply any guarantee on our part. They do not exempt you from carrying out prior tests in order to determine the compatibility of our inks with your printing media within your application conditions. Our responsibility, if it were to be employed, would be limited to the market value of the products that we delivered to you and that you use.

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