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From 10 to 180 yarns/cm, we offer a complete range of polyester fabrics (Tergal® and polyamid Nylon®) specially designed for serigraphic printing.

Our fabrics are produced using yarn diameters that are rigorously constant and perfectly controlled. Extremely regular weaving is essential for obtaining quality prints and is guaranteed by the use of the most modern looms. The large quantities of fabric we process allow us to provide you with one of the best quality/price ratios on the market.
All our fabrics are monofilament and have been heat stabilised. They are highly resistant to water, solvents, oxidants and chlorinated products. Print work can be removed and the fabric can be used several times.

Polyester fabrics

These are characterised by a high tear resistance, an above-average even extensibility in the 2 directions and a reduced loss of tension.
They are abrasion-resistant and waterproof (0.4 % at 20°C and 65% relative humidity).

Polyamide fabrics (specially manufactured on request)

These are completely abrasion-resistant. They are more permeable than polyester fabrics (4.4 % at 20°C and 65 % relative humidity).
These fabrics are suitable for printing on irregular surfaces. They are recommended for direct printing on ceramics.

Fabric dyeing

Dyeing the fabric enhances the screen exposure precision and therefore the print quality.
All our fabrics are white or dyed.

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