silk screen

Siccative EV

It is a glycerophtalic ink drying by oxidation. This ink is used to print on metal, wood, glass (filled container glass) and minerals.

The Siccative EV ink can be printed on several substrates like metals, wood, mineral (slate, brick, marble) and glass (filled container glass).

For non-ferrous metals please contact us.


  • Appearance: glossy
  • Average density: 1,30
  • Viscosity:
    – 11 ± 2 Pa.s (inks)
    –  6 ± 2 Pa.s (base)
  • Drying:
    – Air (20°C) dust dry: 2 to 3 h, dry 24h
    – Oven dust free: 1 h at 100°C
  • Covering power: excellent
  • Coverage rate:44 m²/l with a 100 – 40 mesh
  • Weather resistance: good
  • Solvents:
    – Thinner: 4930*
    – Retarder: 4966
  • Cleaning solvents:
    – Manual: 2881, 2891, 289, NS-81, NS-91, NS-99 and NS-100
    – Washer: 2899, NS-81, NS-91, NS-99 and NS-100
  • Expiry: refer to the label
Standard colours
Ref. 1 litre
White EV 3412000
Lemon EV 3412003
Gold lemon EV 3412023
Cherry red EV 3412027
Primary blue EV 3412029
Royal blue EV 3412013
Medium green EV 3412033
Deep green EV 3412035
Black EV 3412044
Ref. 1 litre
Thinner base EV 3412091

The recommendations for use provided are based on our current knowledge, are given for instructive purposes and are entirely objective. However, as your conditions of use are out of our control, this information would not imply any guarantee on our part. They do not exempt you from carrying out prior tests in order to determine the compatibility of our inks with your printing media within your application conditions. Our responsibility, if it were to be employed, would be limited to the market value of the products that we delivered to you and that you use.

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