silk screen

Exposure and drying unit

The Exposure unit is a compact assembly for both exposure and drying of silk screen frames. It is proposed in 3 sizes for screens up to 130 x 160 cm.

It consists of 3 parts :

  • The exposure part equiped with an halogen lamp to be used with 2 power levels 2000 and 5000 W; an idle mode (obturator closed) maintains the lamp lightened (reduced power) between 2 exposures.
  • The pneumatic exposure frame which is composed of an articulated glass (for its internal cleaning) and of a resistant, supple and UV resistant blanker. The vacuum is obtained thanks to a powerful, silent paddle pump which fonctions without oif.
  • The drying part with 3 shelves, heated with a turbine and 2 resistances of 1300 W each and controled by a settable thermostat (60°C maxi).


3 models are available:

  • 80 x 120 cm
  • 100 x 140 cm
  • 130 x 160 cm

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