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Crea fireproof

Phthalate-free plastisol ink, intended for direct or transfer printing of cotton and synthetic fabrics.
CRÉA ANTI-FEU is used for direct printing and transfer on cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton, nylon and most fragile fabrics at the usual plastisol cooking temperatures.
It is characterized by its fire resistance according to the NF EN ISO 15025 tests (test associated with the ISO 14116 standard).


  • Composition:  PHTHALATELESS & without azo dyes
  • Appearance: satin
  • Polymerization: 2min. forced air tunnel at 140°C
  • Coverage power by opacity: good
  • Washing resistance: very good
  • Fire resistance: ISO 15025 test OK
  • Ironing: on the reverse side
  • Expiry life: refer to the labelling

Cleaning solvants

  • 2881, 2891, 2899, NS-91


Standard colours
Ref. 1 litres Ref. 5 litres
White 34B2012 34B4012
Lemon yellow 34B2002 34B4002
Solid red 34B2009 34B4009
Primary blue 34B2048 34B4048
Medium green 34B2063 34B4063
Black 34B2044 34B4044


Ref. 1 litres Ref. 5 litres
Varnish                34B2058 34B2058


Ref. 3kg
Adhesive powder PET 3863327


The recommendations for use provided are based on our current knowledge, are given for instructive purposes and are entirely objective. However, as your conditions of use are out of our control, this information would not imply any guarantee on our part. They do not exempt you from carrying out prior tests in order to determine the compatibility of our inks with your printing media within your application conditions. Our responsibility, if it were to be employed, would be limited to the market value of the products that we delivered to you and that you use.

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