silk screen

Glitter printing

Sparkled ink

  • 20% glitter added to the glitter base (ref. 3954096).
  • Shinny bases (ref. 3954091/39H4092) can be mixed with sparkles to increase the shine effect.
  • Screen is chosen according to glitter diameter.
  • Mostly used: 21 threads/cm 004 and 008 glitter.
  • Polymerisation: 2 mn at 160°C.

Sparkle sprinkling on adhesive

  • Sparkle glue (ref. 3954099) can be printed with on fabric (mesh 14 to 21 In case of porous fabrics, we recommend to use the gelling agent (ref. 3952061) to maintain a layer of adhesive on surface of the fabric.
  • Glitter are sprinkled on the paste. A calender is used to increase contact surface between glitter and adhesive.
  • Surplus is blowed and printing are polymerised 2 mn at 160°C.


  • Glitter and glitter base (ref. 3954096) mix is printed on polyester brillant film for transfer (ref. 2543500), printing start to be geled 1 mn at 100 – 110°C.
  • Press conditions for the transfer: pressure: 3 to 5 bars ; temperature: 170 – 190°C ; time: 20 to 30 secondes
  • Cold peel off polyester.


Recommendations and advice

Before starting your production, we recommend that you check the compatibility and resistance of the ink on a piece of textile by washing the finished article following the conditions stipulated on its label. A decrease in resistance upon washing can occur for certain tinting processes with hues with a very rich base or very white (transparent or pastel hues). Resistance to washing can also decrease due to the fibrillation (fibres rising through the printed image). This occurs independently of the polymerisation of the ink. High washing temperatures combined with strong detergents can cause colour changes in certain hues.

Ref. en 5 litres
Glitter base 3954096
Glossy elastic base Himalaya 39H4092
Glossy elastic base 3954091
Ref. en 5 litres
Glitter glue 3954099

The recommendations for use provided are based on our current knowledge, are given for instructive purposes and are entirely objective. However, as your conditions of use are out of our control, this information would not imply any guarantee on our part. They do not exempt you from carrying out prior tests in order to determine the compatibility of our inks with your printing media within your application conditions. Our responsibility, if it were to be employed, would be limited to the market value of the products that we delivered to you and that you use.

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