HIMALAYA : plastisol ink, low cure, for textile screen printing

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Plastisol ink, without phthalates, with very fast flash drying : HIMALAYA is designed to polymerize at low cure (140°C) without addition of hardener, ideal to meet the requirements of synthetic
and/or colored textiles sensitive to temperature.
HIMALAYA plastisol inks can be used for direct printing and transfer printing on light colored
and dark textiles. The HIMALAYA range can be mixed with the CREATIVE CREA range.

HIMALAYA range is certified ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® (Inks: ZH150 158200,
Additives and thinners: ZH150 216191).



Low cure

Very fast flash drying


■ Cotton
■ Polyester
■ Polyester/cotton
■ Nylon
■ Synthetic and/or colored textiles sensitive to temperature

Technical specifications

Aspect :

Covering power :
Standard colors : good
Process color : low

Materiel :
Manual, semi-automatic and automatic carousel

Printing :
Direct and transfer

Drying :
2 minutes at 140°C in infrared dryer

Washability :
Very good at 40°C

Composition :
Free of phthalates, heavy metal salts, azo derivatives

Pack size :
1 liter et 5 liters

Compliance :
ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification, EN 71-3 standard, ROHS directive, REACH/CLP regulation

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