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T-Box drying tunnel

The new « T-BOX » has been designed to cure textile inks: water base inks, plastisol inks, solvent based inks.


2 models are available:

  • T-BOX 80 (1 ou 2 element(s))
  • T-BOX 120 (1 ou 2 element(s))


  • Assembled with middle waves radiant transmitters, this new dryer will offer new benefits:
  • Quicker starting temperature: 5 min in average.
  • Perfect curing solution to limit fabrics bleedings.
  • Shorter curing time
  • Higher reactivity while switching curing temperatures parameters
  • Better resistance to draught
  • Higher drying productivity (+33%): the 1 element heating dryer (1,3 m) T-BOX equals to a 2 elements heating standard infrared dryer (2,6 m).
  • The optimized size of its frame will perfectly fit with small size workshops.

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