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T-IR drying tunnel

Infrared Drying tunnel is dedicated to polymerise water based and plastisol inks used in the textile industry. It can also be used for solvent based inks (epoxy, polyurethane, glycero…) printed on IR resisting surfaces (thermo hardening, metals…).

This equipment is manufactured in the following standard widths: 80, 120 and 140 cm but other sizes can be manufactured on request.

Polymerisation is obtained with radiant transmitters action on the printed surface.


3 models are available:

  • T-IR 80 (1 ou 2 element(s))
  • T-IR 120 (2 elements)
  • T-IR 140 (2 elements)



  • Teflon glass belt resisting to 250°C
  • Variable speed from 1 to 4 m/mn
  • Drying area controlled by a digital panel
  • Movable shutters to dry caps for example

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