silk screen

Exposure films

In order to manufacture silk screens, Tiflex offers masking films and mounting.

Masking films

It can be cut manually or on a plotter controlled by computer. They are composed of a transparent and stable polyester base of 80 or 130 µ on which an inactinic translucent layer is laminated.
Proposed in red: the layer is restickable.

All these films are supplied in the following packagings:

  • 10 m x 1,03 m roll
  • 50 m x 1,03 m roll
  • 10 m x 1,23 m roll
  • 50 m x 1,23 m roll


Mounting films

Polyester cristal sheet 100 µ, 20 m x 1,04 m roll

Also available from our range