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Capillary films

Two types of capillary films are used for the preparation of screen printing screens:


Excellent definition for use comparable to direct emulsion

Thick capillary film:

Film for producing graphic effects



  • Presensitized diazoïc photo-films for solvents and UV inks.
  • It combines indirect film advantages (coat regularity and high resolution) and direct emulsion.
  • Coated with a 20 or 30 µ thick emulsion on a polyester substrate of 75 µ.
  • Coated with a 200 µ thick emulsion on paper.
  • Simple, fast and easy to use.
  • Assembly by capillary action after screen water wetting.
  • High resolution.
  • High solidity.
  • Perfect dimensional stability.

Diazofilm, 20-micron or 30-micron is packaged in 10 x 1,04 m rolls and 43 x 61 cm 10 sizes pack.

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